Will you believe?


Matthew 13:58:  And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief.

Faith is the prerequisite for a blessing or a miracle.  Jesus did not do many mighty works in one place because the people didn’t trust Him.  They didn’t accept His divinity or lordship.

Jesus is the Lord of our life.  If we try to outsmart God and live our life the way we want, then we should be aware of the fact that Jesus will walk out of our lives sooner than we expected.  If you are expecting something to happen in your life, then you should come to Jesus with faith.  You cannot come without bringing faith along.  Maybe you have been praying for many years just for one thing and that one thing is not working out for you.  Never mind, just hang on there and trust God against all odds.  God wants you to be faithful to Him in the midst of your challenging situation.  You can lose anything but faith.  The secret to receive your blessing lies in your ability to believe God.

Come to Jesus with faith.  Show Him how much you love Him despite your worst case scenario.  Maybe you are hurting inside and wounded, nevertheless never cease to trust God and never cease from having faith.  God says that if you believe, you will see the glory of God.  Let it come forth in your life.  Amen!