You are never Alone!


1 Samuel 12:22 – For the Lord will not forsake His people, for His great name’s sake,
because it has pleased the Lord to make you His people.

We frequently experience hardships and difficulties that leave us heartbroken, abandoned and alone. We may have questioned God’s promises over our lives during these times. Today, Let God’s word comforted us for HE certainly will not abandon us.
The prophet Samuel helps the Israelites examine their past, describing the countless occasions when God had proven His loyalty and protected them from their enemies. He reassured them that God would not forsake them, irrespective of how chaotic and complex their situation may seem.

We are still under the same guarantee. We are God’s chosen people, His precious children. As long as we stay in that relationship of God being our Father, the Lord will not abandon us, just as He did not leave the Israelites. This reality may provide us with many comforts, especially when facing uncertainty or overwhelming circumstances in life.

The Lord seeks to show His unwavering love and faithfulness to all ages and is dependable and truthful to what He says. He is a God who never deserts His people by nature. God delights in and enjoys His relationship with His children. He freely and joyfully made us His own. Our value and importance come from God’s gracious selection rather than our performance or accomplishments. He takes pleasure in us and wants to accompany us through every stage of life.

When we struggle, it’s simple to lose hope and question God’s care and protection. But let’s not forget that God’s promises remain constant. He won’t forsake us while we’re in need. He is there in our difficulties, leading, soothing, and providing for us. His unwavering love and commitment are something we can rely on.

Let us embrace the knowledge that God will not abandon His people today.

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