A highway in the sea


Psalm 106:9:  He rebuked the Red sea also, and it was dried up; so he led them through the depths, as through the wilderness.

God led the Israelites through the Red sea en route to the promised land.  Drying up the sea was the first miracle that the Israelites witnessed after they left Egypt.  He led them through the depths of the sea by making a highway in between.  God led them through the waters like as if it was a dry land.

These people had no idea as to how they would cross the sea and they were also being pursued upon by the Egyptians.  At just one rebuke, the Red sea opened up and parted and made way for God’s people to cross over.  We also get stuck in the middle of a sea-like situation not knowing where to turn to.  Sometimes we are surrounded only by problems that don’t seem to end.  We will have no answer for whatever is happening.  We might feel that God is far, far away from us.  We also think that He is not responding when we are so confused, but if we lift up our voices and cry out to God, He will clear all these hurdles that stand against our progress in life.  Moses did that.  He lifted his voice to God and told the people to be still and see the salvation of God.  Being still doesn’t mean to stay silent and not to pray.  It means to stop complaining or murmuring and to see how God is going to work out a way for us.

Is there any trouble surrounding you today? Have you given up your faith in God completely telling that nothing is going to work out? Well, the good news is if you lift up your eyes and look unto Jesus, He will open up doors for you and cause rivers to flow in the desert.  All this, at just one word.  Ready to believe?  If yes, you will see a highway coming up just so that you can walk on it and cross over into the next phase of your life.