Spirit of excellence


Daniel 6:3:  Then this Daniel was preferred above the presidents and princes because an excellent spirit was in him and the king thought to set him over the whole realm.

Daniel had an excellent spirit in him.  He was preferred above the presidents and the princes because of the excellent spirit.  He was a man who feared and obeyed God.  He made no compromise with regards to the Jewish laws and customs be it in worship or eating.  He honoured God and God exalted him.

The scripture says that God will lift up the humble but the proud in heart, He cannot stand.  Whenever we earn victory and laurels, we have to always lift the name of our God on high.  As we go up the ladder, the name of our God should go higher too.  When we stop acknowledging God or fail to give God the credit, we will see a downward trend in our life later on.  Daniel was preferred above the others because he was an ardent worshipper of God.  He sought God for anything and everything under the sun.  He was given favour in the eyes of all the kings who came and went in Babylon.  The secret to his success was honouring God.

Lift high the name of God.  Learn to be a true worshipper.  Learn to glorify God in all phases of your life.  Let us be filled with the spirit of excellence from God.  If God is with us, we will be full of His favour upon ourselves.  You will be preferred and authorized over many things just because God is with you.  Be blessed.