3 in 1 Things to Seek


Psalm 27:4 – “One thing I have desired of the Lord, that I will seek: That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, To behold the beauty of the Lord, And to inquire in His temple.”

In this verse, David says that he desires 1 thing of the Lord, and he will not give up until he gets it. But, he actually wants 3 things, not 1.

The first, is to dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of his life.  We, as Christ’s followers, also should seek to do the same thing because our God is such a good God and because He loves us just like a father loves his children. So, if He has a home, we all should run into it, because not only do we find Him there, but it is our place of safety.

The second, is to behold, to contemplate and gaze at the beauty of the Lord. Not only because He is beautiful, but to meditate on His grace and loving kindness towards us, to give Him all the glory only He deserves, and to emulate what we see so that we can pass it on to our neighbor.

The third, is to inquire, to probe, admire and investigate. To learn more about our Lord, to seek His face, to want to know Him more and more, until we become vessels which incandescently reflect His grace, mercy and love.

Let’s wholeheartedly desire our Lord, and never stop seeking Him, because, we will definitely dwell in His house forever!

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