A father’s heart


Isaiah 1:25:  And I will turn my hand upon thee, and purely purge away thy dross, and take away all thy tin.

Israel was living in sin and iniquity at the time of this prophesy by Isaiah.  God spoke to them through this prophet that God is ready to forgive them if they are willing to obey God.  God said that He would turn His hand upon them and purge away the dross or iniquities or impurities and take away every sin from them.

God wanted to turn His hand on them not to punish them severely but to take away the dross or the impurities away from them.  He wanted to make them pure and holy.  He desired that they live a holy life, a life that was acceptable unto Him.  Immorality and adultery was also the sin of Israel.  They had no love of God in them anymore.  Everyone lived according to his or her heart, satisfying the greed and lusts of their own hearts.  Their hearts were far away from the Creator.  They paid no heed to God or His word.  Yet God in His mercy did not want to destroy them completely.  He said that He will purge away all kinds of iniquities from them and take away all kinds of immorality that was existing among them.  Our God is a loving God.  He loves us so much.  He has a father’s heart.  He does not want us to get destroyed or walk away from Him after having sinned and broken His commandments.  If we are willing to repent, He is ready to forgive.

Commit yourself to live a life that is worthy of your calling.  Live your life in the God-desired standards.  Never do what your heart wants you to do but do only what God desires of you.