A generation of BLESSEDNESS!


Psalm 112:1-2

Blessed are those who fear the Lord, who find great delight in His commands. Their children will be mighty in the land; the generation of the upright will be blessed.

Who doesn’t want their children and their future generations to become prosperous and influential? Of course, we all would love to continually dwell in the favour of the Lord which brings with it blessings beyond expectations!

The keys to unlocking these blessings are simple-fear the Lord and delight in His commands.

Why do we need to fear a loving and forgiving God? The Word tells us that perfect love casts away all fear, then what fear are we asked of? Fear here is more of a positive aspect, which when put into practice is the beginning of wisdom that is much required in understanding this. Remember how Pharaoh brought on disaster over his nation just because he didn’t fear the Lord. That means fearing the Lord is an acknowledgement of who He is, conceding that He is all powerful and surrendering to His will by keeping His Word. When we fear the Lord, we begin to delight in His commands for we know full well that this leads to a stronger spiritual man. Doing this helps us tame our own sinful nature and let the Spirit be manifest in our lives. It becomes the strong foundation on which our lives are built, that even in the days of the storms, we continue to stand firm on His Word. Then, even our heritage and the reward of the womb, our children will be taught the Word, with such passion that when they mature, they WILL NOT depart from it. Thus, they grow into a generation of God-lovers, cherishing His commands and delighting in His ways. What a sight to behold-an entire generation seeking after the Lord of Hosts in spirit and in truth. May the Lord truly bless the vision of each one of us to behold a miracle such as this! In Jesus’ name!

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