Accept God to Lead


Proverbs 3:6–“In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

This chapter focuses on wisdom. In Matt 10:16, Jesus instructs us Believers, “…be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” We need wisdom in all areas of our life. Yes, God has given us wisdom based on the purpose He has for our life. However, does it make sense to rely on ‘our’ wisdom when we have the Main Source of Divine Wisdom only a prayer away? If we can just learn to trust God, He will direct our paths. Solomon, David, Moses, and so on, are some examples of men in the Bible who put their trust and future in God’s Hands. They walked only where God led them and not otherwise. They leaned on Him and on His every Word.

There are three phases in our life: when disappointments come, when we function in our daily routine, and when things go well.
-In the former phase, we may face a dead end—financial, relational, etc—but we trust our God because only He can see our path. If we keep on moving in faith, even when we don’t see a way, God will make a way! We trust because we know we can proceed only with God’s help.
-If we trust Him in our daily routine rather than think we can handle things on our own, God will secure the direction of our lives and get us where we’re supposed to go. It will become more understandable once we head down the path set before us; but ‘faith’ and not ‘understanding’ is the requirement for us to start down the path. We don’t need to try to figure it out. In truth, we’re not even going to understand most of the things that happen in our life. One day when we stand in Heaven and view the big picture, we will see God’s purpose behind the path that He specifically chose for us. We must be patient; trust God who knows what He’s doing for us.
-Do we trust God when we succeed? We must acknowledge God for His Hand in our every success and the bounty of it. We ought to give God the glory of all that we have in providence and grace from Him.

Here are some ways in which we acknowledge God in various phases of our life:
Develop a habit to acknowledge God before our next task.
Utter a quick prayer before our next meeting.
Have a silent reflection on a Bible verse.
In all the ways: thoughts, words, and actions, remember that He is present.
Take every step only after seeking Him and His Word.
Ask wisdom of Him who gives liberally.
Make the Scriptures our counsellors.
Take godly men as our guide.
Follow the Lamb wherever He goes; not the flesh but the Spirit.
When things go adverse, submit to His sovereignty, His power and goodness.
Be still and know that he is God and wants good for His people.
When we invite God along for the ride of our life, when we ask Him to weigh in on our plans, our path becomes clearer; we avoid many of life’s pitfalls, detours, dead ends, and bumpy roads. We live in tandem with Him and He joins us on our journey when we pray.
God then shall direct our paths; man cannot direct his own; this is a blessing from the Lord. You may be amazed by how well it turns out.

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