Are you following Jesus?


Mark 3:13:  And he goeth up into a mountain and calleth unto him whom he would; and they came unto him.

Jesus called His disciples, and they came unto Him.  Nobody comes to God unless He calls them, and when He calls them He has a purpose for them which is clearly outlined.  God’s plan is different than our plans for ourselves.  His thoughts are definitely higher than our thoughts for us about our lives.

As long as we stay in the plan of God, everything that happens to us is for the good of us whether it is good or bad. When we move out of God’s plan for us, that is when we see harder struggles and challenges.  Stick with God’s plan for your life so that God will fight all of your battles for you.  God’s purpose does not get fulfilled in our life if we allow the devil or give the devil a chance to rule our life.  Remember we can always be in the church, attend every fellowship and revival meetings but still not be on God’s direction for our life.  Such a kind of life is an unacceptable one because the end of it is a big disaster indeed.  Though Judas was called to follow Jesus, he chose to live his own life and he ended it very tragically.

What are we doing with our lives today? Have we chosen to follow Jesus wholeheartedly?  Where have we kept our feet?  Do a cross check for yourselves and before it is too late, better get back to following Jesus and allowing Him to have His plans for you.