Your miracle is coming


Mark 3:3:  And he saith unto the man that had the withered hand, Stand forth.

Jesus healed a man on the Sabbath.  He had a withered hand.  As soon as Jesus asked him to stretch his hand, he stretched and he was made whole.  He was healed of his shriveled hand.

This man never had the slightest doubt in him when he was asked to stretch forth his hand.  He just stretched it out like a normal person.  He did not think if it would straighten out or if it would not.  He just took Jesus at His word and obeyed Him.  Faith is the opposite of fear and doubt.  It does not take much to believe in God for the impossibilities.  All it takes to trust and believe God is this five-letter word called as faith.  It can move mountains and most assuredly and importantly, the heart of God.

To get a tough situation answered for, it is important that we obey God fully and trust Him.  Partial obedience and partial respect will not get us anywhere.  He expects a full hearted faith in order for us to have what we want. Praying without faith will not get us anywhere either.  God always looks at the heart and its response to His word.  Are we willing to show to God that we trust Him irrespective of the situation that we are in?  Are we ready for a miracle from Him?