Are you God’s love messenger?


1 Corinthians 13:7—”Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.”

It is easy for us to love our family, close friends, brothers and sisters from church and even our colleagues. What about that person who cuts you in traffic? One who robs you of the last parking spot, who climbs the ladder at work with everything but the right means, who lives with the sole purpose to annoy you(or so you think!)? How big do you stretch out your heart during those irksome times?

What would Jesus do? Tap into God’s love.
With God’s love:
– we can bear all things. Irksome things don’t have much significance because our eyes are fixed on Jesus.
– we believe the good in all things and people. We see others through the eyes of God’s love and how precious each one is to Him.
– we hope that one day we will be with our Father. In this hope, we endure the tests on earth through Christ who strengthens us.
– we have love that never lets up. Are we continually functioning with our love mode on?
– we care more for others than for self; we do not desire or seek own praise, honor, profit, or pleasure. God sent His only Son to die for us. Anything that we do selflessly can never trump that one.
– we have joy where we are placed. We will not want for what we don’t have and neither will we be proud of our blessings.
– we avoid a clamour for attention, avoid forcing ourself on others, or using a ‘me first’ mode.
– we avoid flying off the handle, we cannot keep scores of other’s sins; neither revel when they ask for pardon, nor seek our own while others hurt or are neglected.
– we take pleasure in the truth, we put up with anything.
– we never look back but keep going in His will till the end.

Yes. God’s love is a grace that God gives us which lasts for eternity. This is how it plays out. Even if we do good and be good (to the extent of being a martyr who sold all and gave the proceeds to the poor), without love in our hearts we are at the start line on our road to righteousness. What if I have the gift of prophecy, understand all mysteries and knowledge, have all faith (enough to remove mountains) but lack love? God checks our motives. Yes, it is difficult. It was difficult for the perfect man on earth, Lord Jesus, too! Jesus used prayer to withstand the irksome devil and his taunts. Are we willing to lay aside our selfish motives and aims? Not yet?
Prescription: a higher dose of being alert in prayer; watchfulness and diligence!