Our God: Teacher, Guide, and Father


Psalms 32:8—”I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.”

There are times when I have heard people say “I wish there was a manual to life” and children cry out “how do I know what to do then?” Yes, life goes on. Life is tough. It is not a one-size-fits-all kind of life because it is driven by different thoughts, actions, reactions etc.

In Psalms 32, David warns us and says he wants to look us in  the eye and talk straight. We are counted as blessed if we try to stay away from sin and go back to God in repentance when we sin. If we keep sin in us without crying to God for pardon, our life dries up and pressure builds up inside of us. But when we ask for pardon in repentance, our guilt dissolves, our sin disappears. God is ever willing to forgive us and take us back. If we do this, Jesus will be nigh. It is not that we won’t have any problems. But He will be with us through it all. This means whatever we go through, we will come out unscathed. God will deliver us out of the most high tempests.

God wants to teach us by His Word and to guide us in His Will. In addition, God wants to counsel us. He wants to keep a loving eye (not judgmental one); akin to a parent keeping a watchful eye on their toddler who recently learned to take their first steps. All this so that He can be with His children and bring us back to His fold when we falter. David cautions sinners that sin will only end in sorrow. On the contrary, a life of communion with God is by far the most pleasant and comfortable. With Lord Jesus, we can rejoice, be glad in the Lord and shout for joy; for when we have His joy – the joy of the Lord is our strength. With trust in Lord Jesus, we shall have mercy encompass us always.