Be Exceedingly Glad


Psalm 21:6 – “For you have made him most blessed forever: you have made him exceedingly glad with your presence.”

King David was a man after God’s own heart. He was anointed at a young age, but had to wait years till He could rule his kingdom. He was hunted by many, and had to face many wars. He made some good decisions and remained firm in his faith. But he also made some very bad decisions that led to dreadful circumstances. Through his ups and downs, the one thing that remained constant was David’s relationship with God.

In today’s verse we see David exalting the Lord. He acknowledges the fact that it’s God who blessed him. He freely admits that God’s presence has made him exceedingly glad. Was he entirely problem-free when he uttered these statements? Probably not! But David knew the secret of unconditional joy – gratitude and grace.

Despite his circumstances, David often chose to praise God for who He is, and thank Him for what He’s done. He experienced the fullness of God’s grace and cherished His presence on a daily basis. Would you like to experience joy in the midst of your mundane circumstances? Invite God into your ordinary everyday. Acknowledge God’s presence in your life, count the many blessings He’s sent your way, and choose to live in the light of His glory and grace.