Be hopeful and patient


Romans 8:25:  But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it.

Everyone of us hope for something or the other.  Don’t we?  We hope for things we don’t see.  We haven’t seen tomorrow, but we still hope for it to come.  We haven’t seen so many blessings in our life, but we are expectant that they will surely come to pass.  We wait with patience for things to get accomplished in our lives.

Well sometimes, we get discouraged and lost.  We tend to doubt God and His purpose for our very existence on earth.  Worse still is when we hang around people who speak constant negativity and talks that are not related to God or faith in Jesus.  Do not allow negativity or words without hope impact your life and your mind.  If you are looking forward to something in your life, be hopeful.  The one who is going to make this happen is none other than God Himself, and He is no ordinary being.  If we have to see God in action in our lives, we have to be hopeful and wait for it until it comes to pass.

Job, in spite of all the tests and trials, never lost his hope in God.  He confessed that his Redeemer lives.  What do we see of his life in the end?  He got back everything that he lost in a double measure.  Yes, he was hopeful.  More importantly, he was waiting for it with patience and trusting in the God whom he served all those years.  Be hopeful and wait.

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