Beholden For Life


John 15:16” that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.” KJV

The above verse brings to light the one fundamental truth that Jesus Christ is the channel which connects us with our Father in Heaven, and no one can approach the Father`s throne without Him.

Lord Jesus has given us all free access to our Father in Heaven. His love for us is evident in the fact that He has allowed us to use His Holy name to seek favours from the Almighty God. Jesus has washed our sins and made us new, so that we can boldly stand before our Father in Heaven. We have been presented as righteous and blameless before His throne because of what Christ did on the cross. His death on the cross, was symbolic of the beginning of a new relationship between us and our Heavenly Father. We are accepted despite our shortcomings and blessed in spite of our wrongdoings. All our imperfections have been made perfect through Jesus. Since our Father has accepted us, because of what Jesus has done, it becomes quite apparent that any prayer requests made in the name of Jesus will not be rejected by Him.

Lord Jesus Christ has made it possible for all of us to approach our Father`s throne with confidence and assurance. This is the magnitude of His love for His people. He is not ashamed to represent us in front of His father. On the contrary He takes delight in hearing us make requests in His matchless name. Now we can be rest assured that whatever we ask in the perfect name of Jesus, our Father will fulfill it. So, the next time we make a prayer request, let us do it responsibly and  in the mighty name of Jesus, because we owe Him this for all that He has done and continues to do for us. There is no greater love than this.

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