Being Patiently Still in the midst of the storm


Psalm 37:7

Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him; do not fret when people succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.

Sheira was frustrated. ‘How come all the others who resort to unethical measures get to climb the ladder while I am stuck here. Where is my reward? Have I not been faithful to my job? Have I not delivered to the best of my capabilities? Why is it that others whose performance rankings are far lesser are the ones getting recognized?

Asaph, one of the three Levites commissioned by David to be in charge of the singing in the House of the Lord had the very same questions in Psalm 73 where he envied the arrogant for their prosperity.

But David, who knew the Lord beyond his wealth and relationships, had sound advice when the redeemed of the Lord saw others succeeding:

  • Be Still: This means rest. Rest your body from agitation. Rest your mind from stressful thoughts. Most importantly, rest your tongue from speaking words that could hinder the blessings in your own life. The Lord is teaching you to stay calm, peaceful and self-controlled in the eye of the storm.
  • Wait Patiently: The dictionary meaning of patience is the capacity to accept and tolerate delays, problems or sufferings without getting annoyed or anxious. The Lord is building up your endurance and composure.
  • Do not fret: Fretting, brooding, moping, grumbling, complaining, whining are more destructive than you can think. The Lord is teaching you to replace these feelings with an attitude of gratitude. Let nothing put a doubt or lid over the amazing plans of prosperity that the Lord has for those who love HIM.

Paul and Silas, the passionate disciples of the Lord Jesus, were imprisoned…for their faith! They had every reason to complain. But they trusted the Lord even behind bars.

Beloved, what is your situation today? Make a deliberate decision to rest, wait and thank the Lord-fully confident that HE’s got you in His Hands and HE WILL WORK ALL THINGS for your good! Stay blessed in Christ!

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  1. Freddy Jacob
    13 Sep 2019 08:35:47 Reply

    God honours those wait for his time.Those who wait upon the Lord will review the strength and fly like eagles.Glory to Jesus…

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