Being thankful


Judges 5:3:  Hear O ye kings; give ear, O ye princes; I even I, will sing unto the Lord: I will sing praise to the Lord God of Israel.

This is a song sung by Deborah after the Lord gave them victory over Canaanite attack.  She wanted everyone to know that she is singing praises to the God of Israel because He had delivered them from the oppression of the enemies.  She was not ashamed to sing in public about God and His wonders.  She sang to Him with a grateful heart.

How brave are we in declaring God’s faithfulness and kindness? After receiving a successful answer to the prayers that we offer before God, how many of us are witnesses for Him?  Have we been declaring His power and His mighty works among others or have we been shy and refusing to openly declare about what He has done for us?  Whether we are open about it or not, God will work miracles because that is His nature.  The point here is what kind of an attitude do we have when we receive answers to our prayers?  Just dropping some notes in the offering bag will do no one any good.  God does not feel good with our money.  Of course, He does not need it.  What He does expect from us is a grateful heart, nothing else.  10 lepers got healed once upon a time but only one went back to Jesus with a thankful heart, and he was made whole, not just healed.

Go back to God and thank Him for all that you have received.  You will receive wholesomeness by being thankful. Declare God’s powerful acts to others and continue to seek Him always.

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