Bridge of Love

JOHN 16:33-“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
Wise man:
‘Twas a beautiful, cool night
One I can never forget…
We had studied dates, times, and many a celestial formation
Till we concurred that it would happen in our generation
Finally, one evening this formation of star appeared,
Behold! The most spectacular visual treat!
Bright light, white light
Dazzling guidance, radiance!
Who would have thought a celestial body,
Would be the compass to our newborn Royalty?
So here it was, shining bright afore So captivating, we knew it was what we were waiting for.
This special light, cutting the darkness of the night.
Special, this night was saturated with something special.
We now wanted to know the secret to this unique and special day
What did this luminescence mean?
What did it convey?
We were ready to do anything or even go on our way…
We did what we knew best
We packed up and travelled
Far away to a land unknown…
…toward the luminescence
What were we expecting? Here is a list of our rambling:
We collected our thoughts that ran wild –
Surely this was a sign of royal blood?
Or maybe a mighty conqueror?
Some event rare and special
Possibly a glorious emperor?
Peace and Joy, the night was saturated with Peace and Joy.
We gasped when we arrived.
What did we discover?
Nothing more than a little child
Was this Majesty undercover?
He was truly special
We worshipped Him with our wares
I was taken aback to see Him
No fine linen or glares
But the infant in humility lay
Covered in swaddling clothes on a bale of hay
As I got back to my land, came the passing of years.
I waited in anticipation and waited to hear
News about His kingdom, His wisdom,
His conquests and His excellence.
What I didn’t see or realize about that night was
Love, the night was saturated with love.
It was on that special night,
That God crossed over from the Invisible to the Visible.
I saw the love of a Creator because He became tangible.
Jesus – He became poor for our sake,
in this errant world of viciousness
He wrapped Himself in swaddling clothes
So He could wrap us with His righteousness.
Jesus took on our sin, our shame
And gave Himself in return.
But it was God who did all this
To build a bridge between us.
God wanted to reconcile the world back to its Creator.
Love, the night was saturated with love.
Truly nothing which the world had ever seen
Oh the Love that surpasses all understanding!