Comforted by His Countenance


The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace. Numbers 6:26 KJV

The above verse is quite interesting and comforting at the same time.  It is interesting because it literally talks about the face of the Almighty and so heartening to know that His face is always looking in our direction, with a promise to look after us, protect us, console us, guide us and encourage us. While doing all of this, He also promises to give us peace. His peace which surpasses all understanding. The peace that will guard our heart and mind.

Let us take a moment to think about it. The Lord of Lords and the king of kings, the one seated on His throne in heaven, the most high God, the sovereign ruler who created everything, is in reality only a glance away from all of us.  This is not just a promise, it is in fact a testimony of His love and mindfulness for His people. Even though He is seated high, He cares for us and attends to all our needs.

Are you in trouble? He is just a call away. Are you going through a situation in your life and feel that there is no hope, just remember that our loving God has His eyes on you and will deliver you from every problem.  Nothing is a secret to Him. He knows it all. He sees us even before we seek Him. We do not have to do anything to get His attention. We already have His undivided attention.

Therefore brothers and sisters, let us fervently thank Him for watching over each one of us every single day , waiting to hear us, guide us and bless us.

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