Do not delay help


Proverbs 3:28:  Say not unto thy neighbour, go and come again, and tomorrow I will give; when thou hast it by thee.

When we have the ability and the resources to help someone, we should not delay helping.  Jesus never delayed helping anybody in need and those who called out to Him.  He never sent away anybody empty handed.  All those who came to Him got what they needed.

Helping someone comes from a heart of compassion.  Jesus was full of compassion and set the people free.  We stop at just being sympathy.  While it is not wrong to feel sympathetic, it is a blessed moment when we go the extra mile and help someone in trouble or those who need help.  Never delay helping someone when you can help them right away.  When you have the resources to help someone, just do it.  God looks at your heart and when it is time for you to reap what you have sowed, great will be your harvest.  God will repay it back to you in full dividends.  Remember we are the ambassadors of Christ upon this earth.  Let us do what God would do if He were in our place.

Be the first to help a needy heart.  If you can do it today, don’t wait for tomorrow.  Tomorrow is not our’s.  God would never say that to us, will He?  If He has decided to bless us today, He will do it today.  He will never say to us to remind Him about this tomorrow.  Be faithful in the resources and blessings that God has given you by helping and lending to someone who needs it.  Be blessed.