God’s favour


Esther 8:4:  Then the king held out the golden sceptre toward Esther.  So Esther arose and stood before the king?

When the wicked rise up against you to cause you harm what do you do?  When there is a law forbidding your entrance to the place that you were once loved and now have to wait until you are called there what do you do?  Do you wish to risk your life and stand up for you as well as those who are afflicted or would you just enjoy your comforts without wishing to reveal your identity?  What would you choose?  Esther chose to risk her life for the life of her people and she saved them.

The king held out his royal sceptre towards her when she arrived in his presence uncalled.  She bowed at his presence.  Of course she was very anxious at the outcome of her action which violated the Persian rules and law of the land.  For Esther, all this was just nothing.  She was willing to save her people from injustice and murder.  She chose to risk her very life.  She loved her people and her God.  She found favour in the eyes of the king and he stretched out his royal sceptre towards her.  Sometimes, God pours out His unusual favour upon certain people whom He loves.  This does not mean that He is a respecter of persons but that He loves that person for whatever reasons that He knows best.  When some people walk out empty handed, God blesses some with that special favour and mercy.

Love God with all your heart.  Ask God to shower you with His love and mercy.  Our prayer to God should be to make us His favourites, to pour out His special blessing upon us even as we wait upon Him.  Esther fasted for 3 days and approached the king’s presence.  Pour out your heart to God and make your cause known to Him.  He will reveal His purpose and intent for you and you will obtain His favour upon your life.