Do not fear !


Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You. Psalm 56:3

Every time, we want to start something new, we want to take a step towards resolving conflicts in our family, we want to say sorry, we want to bravely face our weaknesses, we are faced with a huge cloud in our head called “fear”. Our fear inhibits us from becoming a better version of us, by merely questioning our efforts to change. “Will this even work”, “what if I am hurt again”, “what if I fail”. 

These what if’s keep us away from conquering our weaknesses and builds strongholds in our hearts. The verse above is from a Psalm written by shepherd David, the state in which David is living, is full of what if’s, he could be killed by the king of Israel any moment, for armies are searching for him, He could be killed by any wild animal in the night as he is camping in some of the dangerous wilderness, He is away from his home, he hasn’t slept in the comfort of a room for ages now, he has forgotten what it is to lead a normal life, wandering in the wilderness and running constantly. But when we read Psalm 56 we realize that David never looked at his present condition but always looked at the everlasting position of our GOD. He did not prioritize his “what if’s” 

Whenever we are faced with fear, let us recite this Psalm 56. An excerpt of it says: “ But when I am afraid, I will put my confidence in you. Yes, I will trust the promises of GOD. and since I am trusting HIM, what can mere man do to me. Let us not be afraid of any storm, any low of our life, any deadly disease, for we have a GOD who saves, who heals and who restores back everything we have lost. 


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