Do you want to live forever?


Psalm 90:12—”So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”

Today we often find ourselves in the ‘busy’ status for the most part. Children are trained and taught to do well to ‘become someone’. Youngsters are busy studying to ‘become someone’; otherwise, they are working harder than ever to attain the same position – ‘become someone’. Who is this ‘someone’? Aren’t we already some one? Didn’t God already plan us – our purpose our destiny, our life, our death, our all?
Then on the other side, we come across articles in newspapers or magazines; blog posts, WhatsApp messages or Twitter feeds in the social media, all of which represent reminders of the coming of Christ.
Meanwhile on the third side, as it is written in the Bible, sin and revelry are growing rampantly while believers prepare themselves as a church to be ready when the bridegroom (Lord Jesus Christ) comes for His bride (the Church).

Now that we have all this information, it seems clear that we must seek what God has planned and purposed for us rather than toil day and night with our abilities to attain what we think is best. Obviously God in His infinite wisdom has more access to our abilities, advantages and disadvantages than we may even be aware about. So why do we fight this plan and purpose? Is it pride? Do we think we know more than God?

Before we do or plan to do, we ought to check our to-do list against God’s master plan for our life. If in sync, we can easily pick up the blessings tucked away along God’s path for us. God will straighten the paths made crooked for us by our enemies. All we need to do is to be reminded that every day we have is a blessing for us to come back to God and to work toward our righteousness. If we think the day is our last, our thoughts, attitudes and actions will be very different than when we think we have more time or more days to do this. We need God’s help, God’s wisdom to lead us toward this end. Than praying for and then working to ‘become someone’, become who God made you to be with His Holy Spirit to guide you. Seek wisdom for righteousness than beauty, riches, and all other things that will pass away with you. Wisdom for repentance and seeking righteousness through the Cross will help you attain your ever after.