Exalt God Above All Else


Psalm 99:9 – “Exalt the Lord our God, And worship at His holy hill; For the Lord our God is holy.”

What does it mean to exalt someone or something? The dictionary gives two meanings:

•  To think or speak very highly of (someone or something).
•  To raise to a higher rank or position.

If we take a deeper look at our own lives, we’ll discover what we’re truly exalting. What do we speak about often? Whom are we in constant communication with? What takes priority in our lives? How do we spend most of our waking hours?

If we’re truthful, we’ll discover that something else is often unknowingly exalted in our lives. It could be a job, spouse, child, hobby, anxiety about a difficult situation, or even our smartphones. Just imagine what our lives would look like if we looked up to God and spoke to Him as often as we looked at our phones!

In the Old Testament, worshiping the Lord was a massive affair. People took it seriously and really gave it their all. But in this day and age, worship is often relegated to the Sunday service or a few songs on our favorite playlist. Let’s change things around from today. Let’s make worship a daily lifestyle.

This week, pay attention to the things that take up your time. Choose to exalt the Lord and lift Him higher than the earthly blessings He’s generously given you. Don’t let worry dim your worship. Exalt the Lord Jesus Christ above your circumstances, and you’ll have the confidence that He is indeed able to handle every impossible situation that’s stressing you out.

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  1. Mids Luke
    05 Oct 2019 08:57:22 Reply

    Lord, hear our cries and look upon us with favor! We thank and praise you for all your mercies in our life thus far and plead for more, in Jesus’ name !

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