Following Jesus


Luke 10:28:  Then Peter began to say unto Him, Lo we have left all, and have followed thee.

Following Jesus meant a great deal.  Peter spoke to Jesus on behalf of the others and told Him that they had left everything and followed Jesus.  They had indeed left their jobs and families and were involved with Jesus and His work every time.  Jesus taught them always about the kingdom of God and what it is to really work for God.

Do we have such a commitment to serve God?  Have we left our desires behind?  Have we left everything that seems to be a hinderance in our service to God? We still tend to hold on to some things in our life that are so dear to us, don’t we? Discipleship is like paying a huge cost.  There is lot of sacrifice involved in being a disciple.  Our flesh and its desires and the other priorities in our life should take a back seat and Jesus should be invited at the steering wheel of our lives for a smooth ride.  Let us examine and cross check as to what is holding us back from following God fully.  Make a wilful decision to give up those things that could hinder your relationship with God.

Make a commitment to serve God wholeheartedly.  Ask God to help you surrender those things which you feel is holding you back from serving Him.  Make a dedicated effort to please God in everything you do.