Freely Received to Freely Give


Isaiah 32:8 – “But a generous man devises generous things, And by generosity he shall stand.”

Hint:  Never read a verse that starts with a conclusive preposition without reading the previous verses, because it cannot be understood in isolation.

Verses 1 through 4 could be a prophecy about Jesus, a King who will reign in righteousness and justice, who will provide shelter from the wind, who will be a refuge from the storm, who will open the eyes of the blind and the ears of the deaf, both physically and spiritually speaking.

When He comes to reign with justice and frees the enslaved, then the fools and their evil practices will be exposed, along with their lies which deceive man and dishonor God.

There are so many rulers, politicians, kings, princes, presidents, dictators, that historically have abused their power, have stolen, oppressed and even killed millions of innocent people to satisfy their own selfish ambitions. Whose identities have been stained and will forever be remembered with disgrace.

But an honorable, wise, godly man will forever be remembered for his honest acts, wise measures, good plans, good counsel.

We followers of Christ, need to be established as generous men and women of God.  As a People that have freely received grace and pardon, and as such we need to freely give: grace, forgiveness, love – and by these generous acts, we shall stand.

ISAIAH 32:1-8

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