Glorious Riches


Philippians 4:19

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus.

This is a beautiful verse that many of us Christians claim over and over in our lives. But there is a root to this verse. Paul is addressing this specific blessing that is a direct effect of generosity. He is highlighting that this is how the Lord will respond to a ‘giving’ heart.

The Philippians Church had ‘demonstrated’ their love and support for Paul’s ministry by financially supporting him. Even when they themselves had just a little, they tried to give. In fact, there were times they wanted to help but couldn’t find the opportunity.

Now Paul knew how to be content in whatever state he was regarding his personal wants. He had experienced a deep lack and had also experienced an overwhelming abundance. But he was very touched by how the Philippians Church graciously provided for his essential needs during this specific season of difficulty. What Paul wanted them to know is that he was not looking towards charity or aid but he was fully aware of the blessings that stem from these acts. The Lord saw their generosity as a sweet sacrifice, perfumed with the fragrance of their faithfulness.

And because of this, Paul blessed them saying that He was convinced that the Lord would supply ALL their needs just as the Lord had richly blessed him and satisfied his own needs. For the Lord’s generosity exceeds the generosity of man! For who can compare to the glorious riches of heaven!!!

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