God cares for you


Psalm 68:6:  God setteth the solitary in families: he bringeth out those which are bound with chains: but the rebellious dwell in a dry land.

God comforts everyone who goes to Him.  He shows kindness to the poor and needy, the lonely, the widows, the orphans, etc.  Everyone who calls upon His name is delivered and set free.  He makes the lonely settle down and have good families.  He delivers those who are bound in chains.  Those who rebel against Him are not delivered but will dwell in a dry land.with hardly any blessings.

God’s promises are always true.  They will truly come to pass in God’s timing.  We think with our little minds that God is not mindful of us or that He has forgotten us.  That is so very untrue.  Probably you have been praying to settle down in your life since you are feeling lonely.  God is so faithful in His deeds.  He never tries to play the fool with us.  He will lift you up from shame and reproach and bless you with good families.  If you feel you are in bondage or in chains, He will set you free.  Your life will be transformed and you will see the miraculous hand of God working for you.

If we have to see God’s promises come to pass, we should always obey God completely and have faith in Him.  When we doubt His word, we are actually sinning against Him.  We don’t have anything to lose by placing our trust in Him. So, stop being rebellious and just take Him at His word.

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