God Does What’s Right


Psalm 37:28:  For the Lord loveth judgment, and forsaketh not his saints; they are preserved for ever; but the seed of the wicked shall be cut off.

God is a righteous judge.  He will never forsake His people.  They will be preserved or kept  safe in any kind of calamities, but those who are wicked shall be cut off.

God always stands up for what is right.  He loves people who always adhere to His commandments.  God loves to do that which is right.  He will execute judgment upon the wicked but will keep His children safe.  If we have to have God’s protection and sustenance over ourselves, we have to walk in His ways.  In the midst of his calamities, Job never gave up to believe that his Redeemer lives.  God honoured him and preserved him because of his faith.  He was never forsaken.  Joseph was not forsaken, though he was in a prison.  He climbed to great heights because God did not fail to remember him.

When we stand for what God stands, we obtain favour and mercy from Him.  We will also receive His protection even when we feel that the world around us is crashing.  When natural disasters or calamities strike, God ensures that His children are preserved from all harm.  Sometimes, the wicked seem to prosper and flourish when we are failing and drying, but yet God’s word encourages us to not worry when the wicked flourish because God will never let them in that condition forever.  In His due time, He will lift up the righteous who stand with God.

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