GOD our Preserver


I will praise You, for You have answered me, and have become my salvation. Psalm 118:21

The pattern of this world is to decompose. When a human body dies, it decomposes; when food is kept unpreserved, it decays; when plants dry, they decompose; similarly, animals too. Everything on this earth has to come to an end one day and eventually disintegrate.

Amidst this process of decay and disintegration, there is a GOD who raises dead bones to life. Our God brings life in death and revives every soul that needs rejuvenation. This Psalm 118 reminds us of the role GOD has played in our life; He is our salvation, or in other words, He is our preserver. GOD answers our prayers, for HE has a hearing ear and understands every challenge we go through.

Let us praise Him, for He is a good God. He has become our salvation who preserves us from eternal damnation and who has considered us for a heavenly abode to worship Him for eternity. May our lips always praise Him despite the challenges we are going through or the troubles we are facing because He is the God through it all.

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