God, our provider


Philippians 4:19:  But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Our God is the One who supplies all our need and not our greed.  He supplies our need according to His riches in glory by Jesus.  He is so rich in glory that He does not have to wait for an approval from someone to grant us what we need.

Paul wrote to the church at Philippi that he received all of their gifts to him through Epaphroditus.  Paul was telling them that because of what they did to him, God would bless them richly.  Have you ever imagined what it is to receive from God’s riches in glory? We limit God by asking Him things like little children would ask their parents.  They ask their parents for toys or chocolates because that is all their little minds have understood about their parents, but when the child is matured and becomes an adult, do you think parents would be happy if the adult still asked for a toy?  Definitely not.  Paul said to the church at Philippi that God shall supply ALL their need and not just one or two.  ALL simply means everything.  Ask God for your healing, for your financial crisis to be resolved, for restoration of broken relationships, for your ministry to grow, etc.  Whatever we have considered as impossible and have set them aside, God says to us today, “I can do this.”

Are you confident of trusting God? Can you go to God with a bold heart and ask Him everything you need?  Can you stop limiting God’s power and riches and instead ask for the impossibilities to happen?



  1. S. Josephine thomas
    28 Jan 2019 09:59:01 Reply

    Praise the lord
    Yes i am asking for my daughter marriage this year😊😊
    I have big Confident 😇😇
    Brother pls pray my daughter
    Rebecca christy…

    • Bethel Team
      09 Feb 2019 16:30:46 Reply

      Dear Sis.Josephine,
      We pray and believe that the Lord will answer your prayers about your daughter this year.

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