God- The Loving Disciplinarian


My son, despise not the chastening of the Lord; neither be weary of his correction: Proverbs 3:11 KJV

The above verse brings forth the intentions of God when he instructs the walk and the way of His children. It is a known fact that the Lord, our father in heaven always desires the best for His people. Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Sometimes, in order to prepare us for the glorious and prosperous future that God has already planned for us, He is compelled to correct our ways and discipline our minds. By doing this, God develops in us a good character and brings about spiritual maturity.  This correction and chastisement in turn brings us closer to our blessings that God has in store for His children.

His chastening and correction should not be mistaken for punishment and judgement but received with thanksgiving, because even when our Father in heaven disciplines us, He does it with love and compassion. He gives us the grace to change and the wisdom to understand the correction and the improvement in our character. He does this as he has our best interest at heart. He directs our ways because He values each one of us.

Won`t we as responsible parents check and correct our children when they make wrong choices which may spoil their future? If we as earthly parents are so mindful towards our children, then how much more will our heavenly Father care for us and want the best for us.

Let us therefore not despise the chastening of God, but embrace it and allow God to work on us.

Let us pray, Heavenly Father, Thank you for being so mindful of your children and always watching over us. We welcome your loving instructions and your graceful corrections in our lives. Give us the wisdom to understand it and receive it with gratitude as we trust in your plans for our lives dear Master- in Jesus Name we pray, Amen!


    19 Nov 2020 08:06:18 Reply

    I have a prayer request, please pray for me that I could get a job within the month as I have resigned from my current job due to some unexpected problems are going in the company and they forced to give resignation from the post. I have a responsibility of 5 people in my house and have to pay the bank loans, so please pray 🙏🙏

    • Bethel Team
      19 Nov 2020 20:05:42 Reply

      Dear Sister,
      Our God is an awesome God. Please know that God works best in troubles. will definately pray for you. Continue to put your hope in Jesus.

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