God`s Edifying Love


 For whom the Lord loveth he correcteth; even as a father the son in whom he delighteth. Proverbs 3:12 KJV

The above verse is a reminder to us that God corrects those He loves.  If you are being corrected in your life through tough situations and difficult circumstances, then be rest assured that God loves you.

God`s love edifies our soul. He is constantly working on His children in order to prepare us and make us worthy to receive His wonderful blessings. Improving our character by eradicating the negative traits that we may have is a significant part of His love for His children.

As the verse above says, He delights in us, therefore He corrects us. His love does not allow us to make poor choices and wrong decisions which can hinder us from receiving His promises in our lives.

The corrections and change in our personality may be uncomfortable for us in the beginning, but if we can just hold on to God and trust in Him and His plans for our future, we will soon realize that we have become more Christ-like and filled with His grace. His correction is always coupled with wisdom.

Just like an earthly father will never give up on his son and continue to discipline him, similarly our heavenly father will never give up on His dear children. He will keep on correcting our ways and mending our character. This is the God we serve. Just like He delights in us, let us also make a commitment today to delight in Him and His corrections for He is a loving father and the greatest teacher ever.

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