God’s blessings!


Psalm 115:15 – “May you be blessed by the Lord, Who made heaven and earth.”

We all enjoy blessings in our lives. Irrespective of our status, social standing, financial condition or physical well being , everyone wants to be blessed with good things in life. But the Bible says the one who trusts in the Lord and fears Him, finds blessing from Him. 

Our God cannot be given a face or a shape to describe who He is or what He looks like. He is a spirit and dwells in heaven. He does what He pleases as everything belongs to Him( Psalm 24:1)

And out of His abundant love for His children, He bestows us with blessing on this earthly life. 

Abraham and Sarah were blessed with Isaac at a very old age in their lives. Did they ever imagine that anything like this was even possible? Not even in their wildest dreams would they have thought or hoped for a child when they became old. But Our God really does what He pleases. He planned Abraham’s generation through Isaac and age did not seem to matter to God to bless His children. 

Have we buried some of our hopes and desires under the weight of its improbability or do we think it is too late for something to happen in our lives?

Let us not limit God with our small mindedness and unbelief. In God’s Kingdom everything is possible. There is nothing that our God cannot do!

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