No turning back


Matthew 9:62:  And Jesus said unto him, no man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.

A man who ploughs his field has to look front and be focussed when he does the job of ploughing.  He has no business to look back because that will cause his eyes to be taken off the furrows and he will not be able to do his work well.  In the spiritual aspect of it, if we have entered into serving God, we cannot focus or set our eyes on the things of the world or the cares of the world.

We cannot serve God and the world.  If we do it, we are unfit for the kingdom of God.  God’s work has to be done with utmost care and diligence.  If we have committed ourselves to serving God, there is nothing in this world or our life that can take or should take its place.  God’s work will and should remain as the number one priority in our lives.  Other things of the world should be our secondary preference.  We should either serve God or serve the world.  We cannot be doing both.  There is no chance of looking back at the interest of the world after having made a wilful choice to serve God.  Does it mean that we give up everything and everyone of the world?  No, it doesn’t mean like that.  It only means setting our priorities right.

God’s word says we cannot serve God and the world together.  We cannot say we love God but actually love the world.  If we say we love God, there has to be 100% interest to stick on to the things of God.  The other things of choice will be our secondary option.  Do you want to look ahead of your plough handle or look  back?