God’s friendship


Psalm 25:14:  The friendship of the Lord is for those who fear him, and He makes known to them his covenant.

God is our friend, especially to those who fear Him and respect.  He never hides anything from them.  He speaks His heart out with those who love Him as a friend.  He tells them His promise.

Moses was a great friend of God’s.  Both spoke to each other face to face.  God always shared His plans with Him.  He guided him in the desert journey to the promised land.  David and Abraham were God’s friends too.  He was pretty close to them.  We see so many saints in the Bible who had fresh experiences with God Almighty and led very close personal lives with Him.  They all feared God and lived in reverential awe of Him.  They erred sometimes, but God forgave them and lifted them up.  We cannot have God as our friend and live a life that is pleasing to us.  We have to make changes where ever necessary and applicable in our life for us to have a stronger bond with Jesus.  If we have to have a successful relationship or friendship with God, we need to live our life as a holy and acceptable service to God.

God will reveal His covenant to those who are His friends.  He makes known His heart with those who live with Him on an everyday basis.  Only close friends disclose everything to each other, don’t they?  In the same way, God trusts someone who trusts Him.  In the New Testament, Jesus called His disciples as friends.  Indeed we are friends of God.