God’s mercy and faithfulness


Psalm 36:5:  Thy mercy, O Lord, is in the heavens; and thy faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds.

The Lord, our God, is merciful and kind. He is also such a faithful God.  His acts of mercy and/or kindness when described as “in the heavens” means that it is as high as the heavens.  It is highly exalted and so is His faithfulness which is as high as the highest objects, the clouds.

Nobody can comprehend or understand God’s kindness or fathom His faithfulness.  He shows kindness to whomever He wants to show.  His mercies are new every morning.  He will be merciful and kind to everyone who loves Him.  We don’t have to be good looking on the outside to earn His mercy.  Hearts of gratitude will earn His favor and kindness.  As long as we are willing to obey and walk in His statutes, our past does not really matter to Him.  He keeps no record of wrongdoings if we have decided to never go back to the past.  His mercy is as high as the heavens.  We cannot see it but can definitely experience it in our life.  His kind voice and gentleness is proof enough of His love for us.  He is faithful, in that, He keeps every promise.  He has called all of us with a purpose, and He is faithful to fulfill the very purpose for which we are called if we are submissive and/or willing to cooperate with His plan for our life.

He never gets tired of doing what He is supposed to be doing to us as a father.  Likewise, let us also not grow weary of believing God and trusting in His mercy and faithfulness.