Grace, love and rest


Moreover the law entered, that the offence might abound. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound:
Romans 5:20

Sin, terror, violence and bad things in the world, begins to build fear in us. Fear, guilt and shame is a bondage in itself. So let us understand our identity in Christ, whose grace is deeper than the oceans and taller than the mountains and how the everlasting love of our heavenly Father, leaves us with no fear.

Understanding fear, guilt and shame could help us comprehend His grace and purpose. While we all know that God is perfect and holy, God is also loving and gracious. This image of God we know takes us back to where it all started. God created Adam and Eve by love, from love and to love. When Adam and Eve sinned, they fell short of God’s glory. For the first time something came between God’s children and God, it was fear, guilt and shame. Sin continued and God’s children were going far away from Him.

So then our heavenly Father gave us His only begotten son- Jesus. The blood of Christ made us righteous and blameless. At the cross, while He shed His blood and conquered death, Jesus nullified the repercussions of sin. Jesus opened the gateway of grace through repentance. Now nothing could come between God and His children, not even sin and death. Therefore wherever sin increased and abounded, God’s grace was sufficient and it surpassed and superabounded anything that came between God and His children. Praise be to our gracious God!

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