Embracing our identity


In thy name shall they rejoice all the day: and in thy righteousness shall they be exalted. Psalms 89:16

People spend their whole lifetime trying to answer questions like-“who am I”, “what is my purpose”, especially in the world, where it is so easy for us to question our identities and who we are. Who we are is wrapped up in one being, His name is Jesus. Yes, we have an awesome God who alone is worthy of praise for all the things He did, is doing and will do.

Psalms 89:16 talks about how His children rejoice all day long, as they understand who God is and what He does for the world. To break this down further, to rejoice we must remember to remember we must have experienced it or it must be something we can revisit every now and then to refresh our memory. This explains how Christian life is all about memory, remembering how and why God created mankind, remembering how God delivered the slaves from Egypt, remembering how the gift of calvary changed everything in our life.

The holy bible is a perfect word of God, it is the best source to revisit and refresh our memories to remember the great things God has done. we are exalted by the blood of Jesus. Praise be to His name!

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