Grace upon grace


John 1:16:  And of his fullness we have all received, and grace for grace.

John beautifully describes that we have received grace for grace from the fullness of Jesus.  Jesus is portrayed here as being full of grace.  He is so full of kindness.  Grace is something that we receive even when we do not deserve it.  Grace for grace actually means grace upon grace.  We have received this “grace upon grace” from Jesus because He is so full of it.

We receive the abundant supply of grace in our lives even when we do not deserve it.  It is like one object piling upon another or one wave crashing upon another.  When God decides to show someone His grace, He does it without asking anyone’s permission.  He does not need an angel’s permission to supply us with His grace.  He just does it because He loves us.  God raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy out of the ash heap that He may seat them with princes- with the princes of His people.  God lifted Joseph from out of the prison and planted him in the palace.  God made the childless Abraham a father in his old age.  There are so many other characters in the Bible where God supplied His grace and favour unlimitedly.  Because He is so full of grace, we receive grace upon grace.  God’s supply of favor and blessings does not stop provided we continue to be in His will and His plan, willing to undergo whatever comes our way en route our blessings.

Let God’s abundant grace be upon our lives.  God does not supply our greed.  He only supplies us with what we need.  Let our relationship with God grow stronger and healthier.