Great God


  Great is our Lord and mighty in power; HIS understanding is infinite: Psalm 147:5 (KJV) 

Our understanding of life and our future is very limited. We live one day at a time and cannot anticipate what lies ahead. When the Israelites left the predictable life in  Egypt and started their unpredictable journey towards the promised land, their factor of certainty was, “GOD speaks to Moses”.  Moses knew GOD and HIS greatness. Moses surrendered to GOD for he knew that the GOD who spoke to him in the burning bush, is mighty in power.  

Impossible cannot stop our GOD. He is beyond what we can perceive or imagine. Our GOD is greater than our earthly problems. He is a big GOD with the powers to save us and lead us through the toughest roads. 

We live in the resurrection power of Christ, and let us speak to our dry bones to resurrect in the name of Jesus, speak to our helplessness, speak to our joblessness, uncertainty, barrenness, loneliness, to rise from its desolate state and rise in the resurrection power of Christ. Our GOD makes all things new. He makes way through the wilderness, He opens up doors that the people shut on our face, He brings hope in the most hopeless situation. Don’t give up,  he is still working on us. 




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