I Shall Not be Moved


Psalm 62:2 – “He only is my rock and my salvation; he is my defence; I shall not be greatly moved.”

In this scripture, David confesses his confidence in and dependence upon God, and encourages himself to continue to wait on Him. David also encourages others to trust in God. Singing God’s praises helped David to wait on God. David often became strong in God. It means that when David was weak, ill, or fearful, he asked God to give him help. Because of David’s confidence in God’s help, he felt strong again! David made himself strong in God because he thought of God as, his:

  • strong rock
  • fortress and shelter
  • safety and hope

Another thing is that, David didn’t ‘also trust in God’, but ‘trusted only in God’ for his strength and stability. David firmly resolved not to look elsewhere and his focus remained on God for His help. This helped David to wait on God for his guidance and not on his circumstances, wealth, position, or others.

David also saw God as his defense. He abided in God as his rock and also dwelt in Him as a warrior dwells in a huge tower or castle. When his son Absalom wanted to be king, David ran away and did not return until Absalom was dead. David did this because he thought it silly to depend on money or men to get help. In addition, he believed it was folly to do what God didn’t want.
‘Move’ means to stop resting on God to do something or to stop waiting for God to give help. David said “I shall not be greatly moved”, which means nothing at all would move him from his focus on God and looking to God for help.

We usually trust God a little and this faith increases only when God gives us some help. Unlike this attitude, we must follow David whose trust in God was total. We must love, serve, and obey God, and we must know that God gives us hope because He will help us. God is ‘the only’ thing that we can count on yesterday, today, and forever.

1 Thessalonians 5:24

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