Jesus is the key factor


For by me thy days shall be multiplied, and the years of thy life shall be increased. Proverbs: 9:11 

When we see the grandeur that money and prosperity brings into a person’s life, we tend to believe that money makes the world go round. Insecurity and a feeling of not being good enough for an elite and superficial world erupts within us. 

Whereas the bible tells us that it is not in the wealth and material things that our life will increase. Rather it is by GOD OUR LORD that our life will increase to a better standard of living and becomes prosperous. 

Yes, money is needed in this world, but the love of money should not be our driving factor. When we concentrate more on giving to GOD and HIS people, we will automatically receive the blessings that are due to us. Our GOD is not a GOD who withholds HIS blessings from us. HE is a GOD who is deeply in love with us and very much involved with our lives. 

So, let us enjoy HIS great love and understand the truth that, it is only by HIM, that our days are multiplied and our life and its quality are increased.  

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