Jesus. the Healer


Matthew 21:14:  And the blind and the lame came to him in the temple; and he healed them.

When the sick came to Jesus to be healed, nobody went back without a touch or healing from Him.  The blind and the lame came to the temple and He healed them.  This happened after He drove out the people who made money in the temple.  He never denied healing to those who required it even when some people distracted Him with their unlawful acts.

Jesus prioritized their healing and never denied what was due them.  He never said to them that He had had a bad day and that He was tired.  He was man and yet He was God at the same time.  Do not think that God is so busy that He cannot handle your problem.  What you need is what you will get.  The sick needed healing and they got it.  They approached Him boldly.  Yes, we have the access to reach God because of Jesus.  Take away your thoughts of negativity and unbelief and take a bold step of faith in Jesus and ask Him what you need.

What is the health of your faith?  Is it wavering or is it steady?  If it is steady, you will get what you ask for.  Come to Him with boldness accompanied with hope and belief.  Be healed of your infirmities.  God bless you.