The good ground


Matthew 13:8:  But other fell into good ground and brought forth fruit, some an hundredfold, some sixtyfold, some thirtyfold.

It is important to bear fruit in our lives.  It is the word of God, the seed, which makes it possible for us to be fruitful.  The good ground represents our heart.  When we hear God’s word, our heart responds and the word sinks in deep into our heart.  If the seed falls on a good ground, it produces abundant crop.  So are we.  When we hear God’s word and allow it go deeper into our heart, our lives will be transformed inside out and we shall be able to be more productive and useful for the Lord.

The Bible says that we are cleansed by the word of God.  As we allow this pruning process to take place in our lives, we will produce the right kind of fruit.  We shall be known by the fruit that we bear.  God’s word cleanses us and when this word is deeply rooted in our hearts, we shall begin to see a total change in our personal lives as well.  This word will strengthen us and give us hope to stand against all the fiery darts of the devil.  The word, the seed, gives us hope against hope.  The deeper it gets rooted in our heart, the stronger we become and greater the fruit that we produce in our lives.  As long as the seed is deep within, no powers of darkness can ever try to take it away.  If we remain deep rooted on the word of God, the devil can in no way defeat us.

Do not allow the word of God to be trampled upon or to be picked on by what is contrary to it.  Do not allow yourself to be enslaved by the wicked one.  Let God’s word build each and everyone of us.  Let it enable us to produce a life that is worthy of living, a life that is a blessing to many, and life that is so full of vigour and lustre for God.  May the word of God find its right place in our lives.  Be fruitful.