Jesus, the image of God and the firstborn over all creation


Colossians 1:15:  Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature.  (KJV).

Jesus is the image of the invisible God and the firstborn of every created things.  What does this mean, though?  God has a lot of attributes.  An attribute is something which belongs to God.  It displays or projects God’s character and what He is actually like.  The Lord Jesus is the firstborn of every creature.  It does not mean that He was created.  It only means that He is preeminent over His creation.  He is of the greatest importance.  He is superior than anything.

Jesus is God who came to earth in a human form but at the same time was the image of God, the Father.  God is holy, righteous, kind, merciful.  God is love, He is the light, etc.  God has so many attributes and all these attributes were seen in Christ.  He was the image of the invisible God.  God the Father was invisible, but the Lord Jesus was God’s image.  Whenever Christ was doing good to mankind while on earth, He was just displaying the love of God the Father to us human beings.  What does it mean when He is referred to as the firstborn?  It means He is of greatest importance over all created things.  The Lord Jesus was not created.  He was there before creation because all things were created by Him.  He is of pre-eminence over all of creation.

Jesus left His abode in heaven and His title and position and came down to save us from sin.  What a privilege it is to obey Him and be transformed by His love and grace for us! Lay aside pride and ego and just remember what the Lord Jesus did for us.

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