Let God be praised and honored


Psalm 71:8:  Let my mouth be filled with thy praise and with thy honour all the day.

It was David’s desire to praise the Lord always.  He did not want to grumble or complain or murmur against anyone or God.  He loved to worship the God of Israel.  He wrote many psalms in praise of God.  No matter what he went through, he always loved to praise and worship God.  He just wanted to let God know that he trusted Him always.

How has our life been?  Are we the ones who always complain and murmur and yell at others?  Are we irritable and easily annoyed?  Well, we can change what comes out of our mouths.  We can change our attitude and behaviour if we ask God to help us and change us inside out.  Make use of every opportunity to praise God.  Find reasons to praise and honour Him.  Praise Him because He is our refuge.  Praise Him for the very breath that He has given us.  When we praise God constantly, prison doors will be open, chains will be broken, etc.  Deliverance happens in the spiritual realm when we offer praises and honour God always.

Stop nagging and fill your mouths with praises to God.  Honour God in everything you do by doing only what pleases Him.  Praise Him in all your moments of life, in every high and every low because when our mouths are filled with praises, we are actually unleashing God’s abundant favour upon ourselves.





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