Love your enemies


Luke 6:27:  But I say unto you which hear, love your enemies, do good to them which hate you.

Loving our enemies? Is it not a hard thing that Jesus taught us to do?  How can we do good to those who hate us?  It is not to easy as it sounds to our ears.  How can we do good to someone who cheated us or swindled us of our money and reputation and/or used and dumped us after they were done with harming us?

Jesus not only preached this but also showed it to us that though it is hard to forgive those who have wronged us, we should forgive and love them.  At the cross in Calvary, He proved to the world the power of love and forgiveness.  In fact, the very first thing that He spoke from the cross was asking God the Father to forgive those who did Him wrong. Powerful, is it not?  Sometimes some of us struggle to forgive someone from our heart if they have wilfully and deliberately chosen to hurt us and/or defame us.  We have no choice but to forgive them because that is what the Bible teaches us.  We need to love our enemies.  Ask for God’s grace so that we will be able to love our enemies and those who have wronged us and that we shall be able to do good to those who hate us.  The healing in our heart will slowly come through and it will be easy to love our enemies.

Are you in a situation where you find it so hard to let go of the hard feelings that you have for someone who has hurt you?  Never mind, go to God boldly and ask Him for His strength and grace to be able to love that someone who has wronged you without a cause.  You might have meant good for that person but what you got in return was not what you had least expected.  Let go of your feelings and let God take over your hurt and resentment and let God heal you so that you will start loving your enemies again.  Be blessed.