Once sinners, now righteous


Mark 5:32:  I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.

Jesus came to save the world which was filled with sinners.  Nobody is righteous before Him.  If the world was righteous as some think, then there would not have been any reason or purpose for Jesus to come and die for our sins and then rise again on the third day.

The Bible says that anyone who claims to say that we have no sin is deceiving themselves.  The world needs Jesus for them to be freed from sin and bondage. There is nobody else who can cleanse us and forgive us like Jesus.  Jesus loves those who go to him with a humble heart and is ready to confess and acknowledge their sins to Him. Repentance is turning to God from our sinful ways and feeling sorry for whatever we have done in our lives.  Jesus became sin for us and has now made us righteous with Him.  We have a right standing with God now, not because of our merit but because of His grace over our lives.

There is no turning back once we have decided to walk with Jesus.  The walk with God is exciting in spite of challenges because He holds our hands everytime.  Aren’t we so privileged to have a God who made the heavens and the earth walk with us and talk to us every day?  He has given us His greatest gift, the gift of salvation.  We need to treasure this gift until the end so that we can finally make it to the place that He is preparing for us.  Run your race on your track.  He will see you through.  Amen!