Don’t Lose Hope


Psalm 31:24  Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart, All you who hope in the Lord.


The famine drove Naomi, her husband and two sons out of Israel in search of greener pastures. It must have been a depressing journey to Moab. Naomi was going empty handed to a foreign land where everything was uncertain.

In time, her sons chose wives from among the Moabites. Orpah and Ruth were welcomed into the family.

However, Naomi’s happiness was short lived. In a relatively short period of time she lost her husband and two sons. Now all she had were her daughters-in-law.

After some consideration, Naomi decided to head back to Israel.


Months ago, while leaving Israel for Moab, she was depressed about her situation because she was journeying empty handed to a foreign land. Little did she know that on her return to Israel, she would be more empty handed than before. The people who really mattered to her were no longer with her.

But, God was with her. And Naomi’s hope was in the Lord!

While Orpah waved goodbye and left for her father’s house, Ruth stayed back and accompanied Naomi back to Israel. God blessed Ruth for her selfless nature. But most of all, He blessed Naomi with a daughter-in-law who was more than a daughter to her.


If our hope is in the Lord, even when we leave ‘chosen pastures’ for “greener” pastures, and return more empty than before, God will work in our favour!

No situation is beyond His control. Today’s sadness will give way to tomorrow’s gladness when He is our hope.

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